When does the program start?

German classes and administrative procedures start in September, preceded by the Horizons Congress, which is a good chance to meet the colleagues and researchers. Classes usually start in the first week of October.

What do I need to study before the start of the program?

The classes are based on information from Kandel and the programme site has study questions and lecture slides that one can download to get an idea of what the course work is going to be like.

Which books do you recommend me and for which classes?

Kandel, Purves, Bears Connors Paradiso.

Are there any libraries? How can I get access?

The programme arranges the access and all the formalities for use of the MPI (Max Planck Institute) library, including the library tour.

What courses are available?

List online on the Göttingen’s programme webpage (

How many courses can I choose (minimum/maximum)? Do I have a choice?

The program decides the courses and we don't have choices.

What is the schedule of the classes?

There will be two lectures and two tutorials in a week basically. In the beginning( till December), there will be practical courses in the afternoon. Starting from January, there will be lecture and lab rotation.

Where is the university located?

It is a university city. Classes generally take place in the North campus(ENI building).

What about the exams?

At the end of the first year (approx. 4-6 weeks after the end of the lecture series), students participate in written and oral examinations. The examinations are based on the lecture topics and study questions. In addition, oral examiners may choose part of their questions from fields related to the practical experience gained by the students in their lab rotation projects.

Do we have language courses?

Yes. German course is for free.

Do I have to do lab rotations? How many?

Yes. Three LR, each lasting for 8 weeks.

Where can I find labs? There are also other labs affliated with the university.

Are there any scholarships available?

Life in Gottingen

Is there university housing provided? How much does it cost? Details?

What about the private market? Does it worth it?

Where can I find an apartment/flatshare?


Which neighborhood/areas are better for students?

What about the transportation (public transport cards, tickets, bikes etc)?

Are there any useful websites (buy/sell, cultural events etc, cheap mobile phones)?

Where can I buy stuff for my new home?

Are there any flea markets?

What about grocery stores?

Can I eat at the university? Are there other places you recommend?

Where can I get extra language courses?

What about entertainment (theater/cinema/bars/clubs)?

What about sports (in the university and outside)?

Which banks do you recommend? Any traps I should be aware of?

Where can I go out of the city for an excursion?

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